Pioneers in World History Award

The Pioneers in World History Award recognizes the extraordinary contributions of individuals to world history studies that have advanced the field in a significant way. The award is presented at the annual conference.

Please send your nominations for future recipients to the Executive Director at

2009 Recipients
Alfred W. Crosby
William H. McNeill

2010 Recipients
Heidi Roupp
Kevin Reilly

2011 Recipients
Liu Xincheng
Jerry H. Bentley

2012 Recipients
Ross E. Dunn
Michele V. Forman

2013 Recipients
Ane Dulac Lindvedt
Patrick Manning

2014 Recipients
Alfred J. Andrea
John R. McNeill

2015 Recipients
Sharon Cohen
Candice Goucher

2016 Recipients
Anand Yang
Howard Spodek


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