Call for Papers: World History Studies (anytime)

World History Studies (WHS) is sponsored by the Institute of World History, ChineseAcademy of Social Sciences in cooperation with the Social Sciences Academic Press. The journal is biannual and will be globally circulated. WHS encourages academic innovation and publishes articles and reviews reflecting the latest achievements of domestic and foreign historical scholarship.

It is designed to build a new platform for academic exchanges between Chinese historians and their international counterparts.

WHS publishes papers on world history mainly by Chinese experts, but also welcomes contributions by international historians. The contents of issues are divided into the following sections:

  1. The history of individual countries and regions
  2. Ancient and medieval civilizations
  3. Global history
  4. History of international relations
  5. China and the world in historical context
  6. Review of scholarship of world history studies in China
  7. Review of the latest Chinese monographs on world historY
  8. Introduction of influential Chinese and occasionally foreign historians of world history in a comparative perspective


We warmly welcome historians around the world to contribute articles or recommend related academic topics. WHS operates on a system of peer review. It is suggested that articles should be written in English in line with international academic standards.

For further details about submissions please follow the link of the Journal’s website:

For any questions please contact via email at

ISSN 2095-6770