Bibliographies & Recommended Books

The WHA maintains a list of books and publications here that are excellent resources. Note that each book is conveniently linked to for immediate perusal and purchase if desired. Please send us your additional recommendations for books for listing in this section by emailing us at:


Conceptions and General Methodological Issues

Arnold Toynbee  |  A Study of History

Bruce Mazlish and Ralph Buultjens, eds.  |  Conceptualizing Global History

David Christian  |  Maps of Time

H.G. Wells  |  The Outline of History

J.R. McNeill and William H. McNeil  |  The Human Web

Jean and Donald James Johnson  |  Human Drama: World History: From 500 to 1450 C.E.

Jerry H. Bentley  |  Shapes of World History in Twentieth-Century Scholarship

Kevin Reilly  |  The West and the World

Marshall G.S. Hodgson  |  Rethinking World History

Oswald Spengler  |  The Decline of the West

Philip Pomper et al., eds.  |  World History

Ross E. Dunn, ed.  |  The New World History

William H. McNeill  |  The Rise of the West


Beyond States and Societies: Alternative Conceptions of Social Space

Anthony Reid, Southeast Asia in the Age of Commerce

Barry Cunliffe, Facing the Ocean

Brett L. Walker, The Conquest of Ainu Lands

Bruce L. Batten, To the Ends of Japan

Fernand Braudel, The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World

Frederick Jackson Turner, The Frontier in American History

Jerry H. Bentley et al., eds., Interactions

John Thornton, Africa and Africans in the Making of the Atlantic World

K.N. Chaudhuri, Trade and Civilisation in the Indian Ocean

K.N. Chaudhuri, Asia Before Europe

Martin W. Lewis and Kären E. Wigen, The Myth of Continents

Owen Lattimore, Inner Asian Frontiers of China

Richard Eaton, The Rise of Islam and the Bengal Frontier

Richard Frye, The Heritage of Central Asia

Richard White, The Middle Ground

Thomas Bender, ed., Rethinking American History in a Global Age

Thomas J. Barfield, Southeast Asia in the Age of Commerce

Walter Prescott Webb, The Great Frontier


Modernization Analysis

Alfred W. Crosby, The Measure of Reality

Carlo Cipolla, Guns, Sails, and Empires

Cyril E. Black, The Dynamics of Modernization

Cyril E. Black, ed., Comparative Modernization

David S. Landes, The Wealth and Poverty of Nations

E.L. Jones, Growth Recurring

E.L. Jones, The European Miracle, 3rd ed.

Frederick Cooper ed., International Development and the Social Sciences

Geoffrey Parker, The Military Revolution

John A. Hall, Powers and Liberties

Michael Mann, Sources of Social Power

Peter N. Stearns, The Industrial Revolution in World History

Reinhard Bendix, Nation-Building and Citizenship, enlarged ed.

Reinhard Bendix, Kings or People

Rondo Cameron, A Concise Economic History of the World

W.W. Rostow, The Stages of Economic Growth, 3rd ed.

W.W. Rostow, How It All Began


Dependency and World-System Analysis

Andre Gunder Frank, World Accumulation

Andre Gunder Frank, Dependent Accumulation and Underdevelopment

Andre Gunder Frank and B. Gills, The World System: Five Hundred Years or Five Thousand?

Christopher Chase-Dunn and Thomas D. Hall, Rise and Demise

Daniel Chirot, Social Change in the Twentieth Century

Eric Wolf, Europe and the People without History

Fernand Braudel, The Perspective of the World

Immanuel Wallerstein, The Modern World-System, 3 vols. to date

Immanuel Wallerstein, The Essential Wallerstein

Immanuel Wallerstein, Historical Capitalism

Janet L. Abu-Lughod, Before European Hegemony

L.S. Stavrianos, Global Rift

Robert A. Denemark, et al., eds., World System History

Thomas D. Hall, ed., A World-Systems Reader

Thomas Shannon, Introduction to the World-System Perspective, 2nd ed.

Walter Rodney, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa


Beyond Modernization and World Systems

A.G. Hopkins, ed., Globalization in History

Andre Gunder Frank, ReORIENT

Arnold Pacey, Technology in World Civilization

C.A. Bayly, The Birth of the Modern World

Jack Goldstone, Revolution and Rebellion in the Early Modern World

Jack Goody, The East in the West

James M. Blaut, The Colonizer’s Model of the World

James M. Blaut, Eight Eurocentric Historians

Kenneth Pomeranz, The Great Divergence

R. Bin Wong, China Transformed

Robert B. Marks, The Origins of the Modern World

Stephen F. Dale, Indian Merchants and Eurasian Trade

Victor Lieberman, Strange Parallels

Victor Lieberman, ed., Beyond Binary Histories


Cross-cultural Trade in Pre-modern Times

Angela Schottenhammer, ed., Emporium of the World: Maritime Quanzhou

Barry Cunliffe, Greeks, Romans and Barbarians

George F. Hourani, Arab Seafaring in the Indian Ocean, rev. ed

Ibrahimov N. Ibrahimovich, The Travels of Ibn Battuta to Central Asia

J. Innes Miller, The Spice Trade of the Roman Empire

Janet L. Abu-Lughod, Before European Hegemony

K.N. Chaudhuri, Asia before Europe

K.N. Chaudhuri, Trade and Civilisation in the Indian Ocean

Kenneth Hall, Maritime Trade and State Development in Early Southeast Asia

Liu Xinru, Ancient India and Ancient China

Liu Xinru, Silk and Religion

Maurice Lombard, Golden Age of Islam

Michael Rowlands et al., eds., Centre and Periphery in the Ancient World

Philip D. Curtin, Cross-Cultural Trade in World History

Richard Frye, Ibn Fadlan’s Journey to Russia

Richard Hodges, Mohammed, Charlemagne and the Origins of Europe

S. Ratnagar, Encounters: The Westerly Trade of the Harappa Civilization

S.D. Goitein, A Mediterranean Society

Said Hamdun and Noel King (Ross Dunn, foreword), Ibn Battuta in Black Africa

Tansen Sen, Buddhism, Diplomacy, and Trade

Vimala Begley and Richard Daniel de Puma, eds., Rome and India

Ying-shih Yü, Trade and Expansion in Han China


Trade and Empire in the Early Modern World

Anthony Reid, Southeast Asia in the Age of Commerce

Holden Furber, Rival Empires of Trade in the Orient

James D. Tracy, ed., The Rise of Merchant Empires

James D. Tracy, ed., The Political Economy of Merchant Empires

Jonathan Israel, Dutch Primacy in World Trade

K.N. Chaudhuri, Trading World of Asia and the English East India Company

Leonard Blussé, Bitter Bonds

Leonard Blussé and F.S. Gaastra, eds., Companies and Trade

Leonard Blussé and F.S. Gaastra, eds., On the Eighteenth Century as a Category of Asian History

M.A.P. Meilink-Roelofsz, Asian Trade and European Influence

Michael Pearson, The Portuguese in India

Om Prakash, The Dutch East India Company and the Economy of Bengal

Philip D. Curtin, The Rise and Fall of the Plantation Complex

Philip D. Curtin, Cross-Cultural Trade in World History

R. Ptak and D. Rothermund, eds., Emporia, Commodities, and Entrepreneurs

Sanjay Subrahmanyam, The Portuguese Empire in Asia

Stephen F. Dale, Indian Merchants and Eurasian Trade


Modern Imperialism

Ann Laura Stoler, Race and the Education of Desire

Anthony Pagden, Lords of All the World

Bernard S. Cohn, Colonialism and Its Forms of Knowledge

Daniel R. Headrick, The Tentacles of Progress

Daniel R. Headrick, The Tools of Empire

Dominic Lieven, Empire: The Russian Empire and Its Rivals

Frederick Cooper and Ann Laura Stoler, eds., Tensions of Empire

Jürgen Osterhammel, Colonialism: A Theoretical Overview

Laura Hostetler, Qing Colonial Enterprise

Louise Young, Japan’s Total Empire

Margaret Strobel, European Women and the Second British Empire

Michael Adas, Prophets of Rebellion

Michael Adas, Machines as the Measure of Men

Mike Davis, Late Victorian Holocausts

N. Chaudhuri and M. Strobel, eds., Western Women and Imperialism

Peter C. Perdue, China Marches West

Philip D. Curtin, The World and the West

Sidney Mintz, Sweetness and Power


Postcolonial Perspectives

Aijaz Ahmad, In Theory

Arif Dirlik, The Postcolonial Aura

Benedict Anderson, Imagined Communities, 2nd ed.

Dipesh Chakrabarty, Provincializing Europe

Edward W. Said, Orientalism

Edward W. Said, Culture and Imperialism

Gyan Prakash, ed., After Colonialism

James Clifford, The Predicament of Culture

James Clifford and G. Marcus, eds., Writing Culture

Mary Louise Pratt, Imperial Eyes

Nicholas Thomas, Colonialism’s Culture

Paul Gilroy, The Black Atlantic

Ranajit Guha and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, eds., Selected Subaltern Studies

Stevan Harrell, ed., Cultural Encounters on China’s Ethnic Frontiers

Vicente L. Rafael, Contracting Colonialism


Migrations and Diasporas

Adam McKeown, Chinese Migrant Networks and Cultural Change

David Eltis, The Rise of African Slavery in the Americas

David Northrup, Indentured Labor in the Age of Imperialism

Dirk Hoerder, Cultures in Contact

Eve Troutt Powell and John O. Hunwick, African Experience in the Mediterranean Lands of Islam

Hugh Tinker, A New System of Slavery

Irving Rouse, Migrations in Prehistory

J.P. Mallory, In Search of the Indo-Europeans

J.P. Mallory and Victor Mair, The Tarim Mummies

John K. Thornton, Africa and Africans in the Making of the Atlantic World

Joseph E. Harris, ed.x, The Black Atlantic

Mechal Sobel, The World They Made Together

Michael T. Conniff and T.J. Davis, Africans in the Americas

P.C. Emmer, ed., Colonialism and Migration

Patrick Manning, Migration in World History

Paul Gilroy, The Black Atlantic

Richard Price, First-Time

Richard Price, Alabi’s World

Robin Cohen, Global Diasporas


Cross-cultural Encounters

Al-jabarti, Napoleon in Egypt

Anne Salmond, Two Worlds

Anne Salmond, Between Worlds

Arnold Pacey, Technology in World Civilization

Edward H. Schafer, The Golden Peaches of Samarkand

Edward H. Schafer, The Vermilion Bird

François Hartog, The Mirror of Herodotus

Greg Dening, Islands and Beaches

Greg Dening, Beach Crossings

James Axtell, The European and the Indian

James Axtell, The Invasion Within

Jean and John Comaroff, Of Revelation and Revolution

Jerry H. Bentley, Old World Encounters

Martin Bernal, Black Athena

Mary W. Helms, Ulysses’ Sail

Richard W. Bulliet, The Camel and the Wheel

Stuart B. Schwartz, ed., Implicit Understandings

Walter Burkert, The Orientalizing Revolution


Biological Exchanges and Environmental Change

Alfred W. Crosby, Ecological Imperialism

Alfred W. Crosby, The Columbian Exchange

Andrew Watson, Agricultural Innovation in the Early Islamic World

Charles L. Redman, Human Impact on Ancient Environments

Clive Ponting, A Green History of the World

David Christian, Maps of Time

David Henige, Numbers from Nowhere

Donald Worster, Rivers of Empire

Donald Worster, ed., The Ends of the Earth

Jared Diamond, Guns, Germs, and Steel

John F. Richards, The Unending Frontier

John R. McNeill, Something New Under the Sun

Noble David Cook, Born to Die

Sheldon Watts, Epidemics and History

Timothy H. Silver, A New Face on the Countryside

William Cronon, Changes in the Land

William H. McNeill, Plagues and Peoples





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