Teaching World History in Secondary School

One of the WHA’s largest commitments is to extend knowledge of world history to younger students. We at the WHA believe that students should not have to wait until college to be exposed to a global education. Understanding cross-cultural interaction and development throughout history should begin earlier. In an ever increasingly connected world, the WHA believes that secondary school teachers are an important asset in this regard. Therefore, we make every effort to work with secondary school teachers in the field of world history.

To assist professionals teaching world history, we have included essential links to information about standards and materials, lesson plans, and organizations and other informative, helpful websites. We hope that these resources are useful for the in-class experience. If you are not already a member, please consider joining the WHA to receive further information about teaching world history and be part of our annual conference.

College Board

This is an especially helpful website for those teaching AP world history. It also provides information on local workshops and online discussions on methodology and standards.

World History Connected

This is an electronic journal that offers helpful information about teaching world history. They provide classroom resources, discuss teaching methods, and post articles about teaching world history from around the globe. This is an essential resource with which every world history professor should be familiar.


H-World is a particularly useful website for those looking for practical, logistical information for teaching world history. It provides syllabi, bibliographies, and teaching materials, including internet resources.

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