Friends of the WHA

The World History Association would like to acknowledge and thank the generosity of the donors below who contributed to the 2011/2012 Annual Fund, the World Scholar Fund, The Mark Welter Prizes,the Endowment, and also those who have notified us of including the WHA in their Planned Giving.  It is through the generosity of these gifts that the association can continue in its mission and vision of promoting the field of world history.

Our special thanks to these individuals below:


2011 Contributors

Hope Benne
Rickey Campbell
Sharon Cohen
Ross Dunn
Charles Hayford
Christopher Ince
Nancy Jorczak
Sarah Lederman
David Lindenfeld
Suzanne Litrel
Craig Lockard
David Northrup
Patricia ONeill
Kenneth Pomeranz
Lyn Reese
Jonathan Reynolds
Donna Rogers-Beard
Morris Rossabi
Ryan Sims
Douglas Streusand
Richard Szippl
Mariko Takahashi
Winston Welch
Mark Welter
Robert Wilcox


2012 Contributors to-date

Patricia Ali
Alfred J. Andrea – In Memory of Jerry Bentley
Zaynab Ansari
Bob Bain
Roger Beck
Craig Benjamin
Hope Benne
Wilfred Bisson
Holly-Lynn Busier
Rickey Campbell
Elaine Carey
Ruben Carrillo
David Christian – In Memory of Jerry Bentley
Jonathan Crossen
Roger Dahl
Jon Davidann
Marie Donaghay
Edward Farmer
Felipe Fernández-Armesto
Carter Findley
Michele Forman
Denis Gainty
Patricia Gardner
Candice Goucher
Marc Jason Gilbert
Sam Giordanengo
Charles Hayford
Carmen Hernandez
Roland Higgins
Edward and Susan Judge
David Kalivas
Patricia Kidd – In Memory of Jerry Bentley
Daniel Klingensmith
Hong-Ming Liang – In Honor of Fan Chin and Fu-Mei Liang, Taipei, Taiwan
Tom Laichas
David Lindenfeld
Craig Lockhard – In Memory of Jerry Bentley
Joseph Long
Mary Jane Maxwell
Midwest World History Association
Beth Montgomery
Curtis Morgan – In Memory of Jerry Bentley
New England Regional World History Association
David Northrup
James Overfield
Lincoln Paine
Annette Palmer
Jared Poley
Kenneth Pomeranz
Kevin Reilly
Jonathan Reynolds
Morris Rossabi
Jacquelyn Sand – In Honor of Alan Kramer
Tom Sanders
Pamela Sayre
Barbara Schreiber – In Honor of Alan Kramer
Doug Sofer
Robert Strayer
Elizabeth Sumner
Marja van Tilburg – In Memory of Jerry Bentley
Barbara Traver
John Voll
Bill and Laura Wangerin
Rick Warner
Andrew Waskey
Charles Weller
Shuang Wen

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