Volunteer to Help the WHA

Volunteer to Help the WHA

The WHA needs help from volunteers who can pledge to serve in a number of different capacities. These range from serving on various committees to holding elected offices. If you wish to be considered for one of these positions and are willing to put in the time and effort needed, the WHA wants you.

Executive Officers:

Vice-President (President-elect) serves 2 years as VP and 2 years as president

Secretary 2-year term

Treasurer 2-year term

Executive Council 9 positions, each a 3-year term

Please note: The Executive Council and the four executive officers meet once annually to conduct WHA business at the annual WHA conference, usually in late June. All 13 members of this body are expected to attend.


Book Prize; Conferences; Membership; Nominations; Program (establishes the program for the annual conference); Student Paper Prize; Teaching Prize.

Please note: You can find out what these committees are engaged in by looking at their semi-annual reports that are printed in the World History Bulletin.

Guest Editor:

The World History Bulletin seeks guest editors who will solicit and edit articles that center on a major world history theme and appear in its periodic focus issues.  See the Spring 2009 issue for an example.

Speakers’ Bureau:

The WHA is inaugurating a Speakers’ Bureau, in which it will compile a list of world historians who are willing and able, schedules permitting, to deliver lectures on a variety of self-designated topics. All honoraria will be donated to the WHA, but hosts will cover expenses.

E-Mail Address
Institution and position
A WHA member since
Previous or current WHA service (with dates)

Special skills or experience

Office(s) and/or committees in which you are interested.

Are there any special tasks that you wish to perform for the WHA that are not covered by any of the listed committees?

Do you wish to tell us why you seek or are suited for those positions?

Mail or FAX this  to the WHA Secretariat at:  The World History Association, Department of History, 245 Meserve Hall, Northeastern University, 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115 USA; FAX: 617-373-2661.

Please Download and Print the PDF form

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