WHA-Boston, Northeastern Conference

INSTRUCTIONS: Please use the links below to submit both Individual Paper Abstracts and/or Organized Panel Abstracts (if you are a panel organizer).

Please note, ALL paper presenters will need to submit an Individual Paper Abstract, whether part of an Organized Paper Panel or not. If your paper is part of an Organized Paper Panel, there will be a field to indicate the Organized Panel title and the panel organizer’s name.



Organized Panel Type Definitions:

A Regular Paper Paper Panel Session consists of three (but no more than four) paper presenters,one chair, and optionally, one discussant, and lasts for 90 minutes. Individual papers should not exceed 20 minutes in length and will be followed by 10 minutes of discussion time. Please note that ALL paper presenters members on an Organized Paper Panel will also need to submit an individual paper abstract, using the Individual Abstract link below.

Organized Roundtable Panel submissions, where typically 3-6 people will discuss a common theme, idea or topic with moderation provided by a Chair, where each participant has a five-minute opening statement and then all the Roundtable has a conversational dialogue with the other panel members and the audience.

Roundtable Panel Sessions do not have individual papers presented. If individual papers will be presented, please submit the proposal using the Regular Paper Panel Abstract Submission form.

Workshops on specific teaching techniques or practices and may have between 1-4 panelists. Individual papers may or may not be presented in a workshop.


Note: ALL paper presenters, whether part of an organized panel or not, will submit an individual abstract.



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