2019 TFKSG International Conference CFP


2019 Conference Theme:

Rethinking African History: Knowledge Production and
Political Sustenance in Postcolonial Africa.

The 2019 Fela Anikulapo-Kuti International Conference on African Homelands and Social
Theory is projected to hold in the summer of 2019, July 5- 7, 2019 to bring together a wider
layers of academics and research scholars in African and Diaspora Studies and importantly
researchers in the Fela phenomenon and his Afrobeat music. The international conference
will provide the medium and opportunity to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and develop
academic researches done in the gear of decolonizing knowledge in the African educational
system and with the sole aim of adding values to knowledge production in its Africanity. The
conference seeks to promote intellectualism in its Africaness, culture education and traditions
of African homelands and the diaspora. In fulfilling this, while the international conference
provides an environment for cross- fertilization of ideas to produce knowledge and new
thoughts and philosophies, the conference will as well accommodate political education and
art exhibition and performances geared towards our decolonization objectives of African
homelands; and as a step to rescue the westernization of education in Africa.

HOMELANDS AND SOCIAL THEORY is planned to feature paper presentations on some
selected thematic issues relating to the concept note, art exhibition, and performances.
Participants are invited from different fields and practices including: African history, African
and Diaspora studies, religious studies, Music and the Media in Africa, theatre and film,
literary and cultural studies, political science, sociology, Archaeology and anthropology,
Social anthropology and classical studies, African languages and ethnicity, Social conflicts
and peace studies in Africa, Middle east and North Africa studies, Africa and International
relations with the West, Philosophy and Spirituality in Africa, Art, Crafts, and Sculptor
before and after colonialism, Science and Policy in Africa before and after colonialism,
Technology and politics of knowledge production in Africa, Education and Law in Africa,
Africa and global politics, Political economy of human development in Africa, other related
areas to the conference theme. The paper abstract must not be more than 300 words.

Email: felaconference@gmail.com