The WHA is an all-volunteer directed organization and relies on the commitment of its members for its success and vitality.

Regular elections are held annually each autumn for Executive Council members, who serve terms of three years each, and Officers, who serve terms of two years each, with the Vice President/President Elect becoming the President after two years service on the Executive Committee, whose other members include the Treasurer, Secretary and the Executive Director serving ex officio.  Since the organisation’s inception in 1982, we are fortunate to have been served by 20 Presidents.

The Executive Council holds its annual meeting in conduction with the annual conference in the summer, supplemented as needed by an active listserv and conference calls as needed.

Many others serve as committee members, and are also critical for carrying out the goals of the association, and are appointed by the President.

Nominations for Executive Committee should be directed to the Chair of the Nominations Committee. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact the relevant Committee Chair, the President, of the Executive Director for more information.