Call for Papers | Historical and Political Problems in the Middle East, 1900-1980

The Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia

The Institute of History of NAS of RA ( was established in 1943. The Institute enjoys a wide degree of academic freedom and activities, and investigates the history of the Armenian people from the ancient times through the present on the territory of RA and historical Armenia, as well as the history of the Armenian communities in different countries.

About the Conference

The Institute of History of NAS of RA is preparing and Armenian-American international conference to be held in February 2022 with the topic “Historical and Political Problems in the Middle East, 1900-1980.”

Many researchers from other academic institutes and university chairs of RA are expected to take part in the above-mentioned conference.

The main issues to be discussed during the conference are:

  1. The military operations in the region of Middle East during WWI (Caucasian, Palestinian, Mesopotamian fronts etc.).
  2. The emergence of independent states in South Caucasus: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia.
  3. The League of Nations and the region.
  4. The American commissions in the Middle East region (Harbord’s mission etc.).
  5. USA and the American unrealized mandate of Republic of Armenia.
  6. The policy of France, Great Britain and Italy in the region.
  7. Sovietization of South Caucasus republics and the formation of USSR.
  8. The religious organizations in the region, their policy and inter-religious relations.
  9. The emergence of independent states in the region.
  10. WWII and its influence on the region.
  11. The formation of political-military pacts.
  12. Military conflicts between the states of the region: border disputes between the states of the region.
  13. The inter-ethnic and political conflicts in the countries of Middle East region.
  14. The role of women in the political and socio-economic life of the countries of the region.
  15. Government systems and the political life of the states of the region.
  16. The Cold War and the impact of US-USSR confrontation in the region.
  17. The petrol factor and its influence in the region.

The above-mentioned issues include a wide range and offer wide opportunities for the participants of the international scientific conference to represent any issue or any of many sub-issues in detail.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the conference will be held online with synchronous translation from Armenian to English and vice versa, and the papers of the conference will be published in a book.

Further Details

To express interest in presenting, email Armen Badalyan ( by December 10, 2021 and please include

  • The name and surname of the participant scholar
  • The name of the scientific organization and the place of work of the scholar
  • His/her scientific degree and title
  • The title of the paper (the article)
  • Contact data