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Reframing Revolutions

30 July 2020 Laura Mitchell 0

Angela Lee, Eric Beckman and Bram Hubbell restructured the workshop they had planned for the WHA’s 2020 annual meeting, adapting it to our new Zoom reality.

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Curated Online WH Resources

30 March 2020 0

WHC features a wide variety of world history materials that introduce new humanities scholarship to researchers, teachers, and students.

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Model voice-overs

25 March 2020 0

Distance or online delivery does offer several advantages that I would encourage you to consider leveraging.

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Remote learning spaces

24 March 2020 0

Practice compassion. It’s going to be very hard for many of our students to stay plugged in while the demands and distractions of life at home take them out of their campus headspace.

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WHAP-specific Resources

19 March 2020 0

AP and studying is the last thing we all want to think about right now. We’re all thinking about our families and health, as we should be. But with so much tied to standardized exams, we can’t just ignore them. Supporting each other through this crisis is more important than any test.

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16 March 2020 5

Today the WHA launches a new blog, Pandem-mondus, to provide a map and some company for the long, strange, trip that is now our classrooms and communities.