Under the Baobab

The Covid-19 pandemic has irrevocably changed teaching and learning and will have a lasting effect on how we practice historical scholarship. What does that mean for you? How have your colleagues responded? What insights, tips, and new questions have emerged in our recent collective experience that can shape world history moving forward? Join your friends and colleagues in the World History Association for a series of online gatherings designed to spark your curiosity, develop debate, and deepen your engagement with the field.

Each session will present new research, practical teaching applications, hands-on engagement, and lively conversation.

Baobab I: How Can History Help You During a Pandemic?

Wednesday, May 27, 4–5:30 PM Pacific, 7–8:30 PM Eastern

What’s the point of taking a history class now? History teachers know that historical thinking skills help students evaluate sources and arguments in the past and the present, but communicating that to our students is a challenge, particularly now. The sources and strategies shared in this session will offer paths to engaging students and connecting historical thinking skills to their lived experience in the context of our new normal.

Sharon Cohen, Springbrook High School, Silver Spring Maryland

Bennett Sherry, OER Project and World History Center at the University of Pittsburgh

Shane Carter, ORIAS Program Coordinator, UC Berkeley

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