Shape Secondary School World History Education In This Unique Opportunity

Ninth and Tenth Grade World History Educators Wanted

While math and reading teachers can turn to a rich bank of evidence when trying to select a curriculum that will improve student engagement and learning, social studies teachers have fewer resources, and research set in world history classrooms is especially scarce. To help fill this gap, the Learning Sciences Research team at Digital Promise is seeking teachers of 9th- or 10th-grade world history classes in public schools to participate in a research study of the free, online World History Project (WHP) curriculum. Specifically, we seek teachers who have not already used the World History Project but would be willing to use it for their on-level (non-AP, non-IB) classes in either the 2022-23 and/or 2023-24 school year(s). Participating teachers will receive a small stipend for their time.

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