Commencing with WHA Giving Tuesday on December 1, we will kick off our end-of-year giving campaign.  The focus will be on the four targeted areas below and each will be highlighted during this time.   Supporters who give during this 3-week period will be recognized in the Spring 2021 World History Bulletin.

Why give now? The WHA needs your support in a year when our conference, a major source of funding, was cancelled and the intellectual center of our community has moved online through our Under the Baobab series, blog, and social media posts. Additionally, our fellow scholars worldwide need our support as they face stark funding cuts at campuses and schools, which makes our scholarships and member sponsorships especially crucial.

The World History Association encourages donors to consider giving to one or more of the following categories in 2020/2021, which will directly support our association’s current objectives:

Operating Budget – Cancelling our conference this year has put our regular operating budget under strain as we continue to publish the World History Bulletin and create new online opportunities for the world history community to come together. Giving to the operating budget allows the WHA to meet our operating costs and also provide the services that we all rely on.

Scholarship Support – In 2021, the WHA will continue to award the Phi Alpha Theta/World History Association Student Prize, World Historian Student Essay Competition, the Dissertation Prize, and the Bentley Book Prize, thereby recognizing outstanding scholarship at all levels in our field, from undergraduate research to newly published monographs. By giving to this fund, you will help us sustain these important opportunities to recognize innovative world history scholarship.

EndowmentOur endowment continues to grow thanks to the generosity of our members. By contributing to the endowment, you can help to secure the future of the Association and to build the financial foundation on which the WHA sustains and expands its special programs.

Sponsor A Member – Membership in our society is beyond the means of many who would like to join. By giving to this initiative, you will allow the WHA to offer complimentary memberships to high school teachers and community college instructors in districts with financial constraints, adjunct faculty, and international scholars based in under-funded institutions.

All of these areas of giving can be supported with restricted or unrestricted gifts through our database, via check in the mail (World History Association, 245 Meserve Hall/NU, 360 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115), Paypal, or Venmo. Please see the links below.

Thank you for your support and generosity!

If the platform does not allow a note about the restriction, you can email the WHA at  Please note that university mail is functioning, but has been slowed down in 2020.

Donations via PayPal

The easiest way to donate to the WHA is by credit card, using the PayPal button below. Please use the Special instructions box to specify if you would like your donation allocated to a specific fund (e.g., scholarships) or if you would like your donation to be anonymous or made in a different name than that on the credit card.

Donations via Venmo

To donate to the WHA via Venmo, please use the button below.  Please note that Venmo donations can only be done via mobile.


Donations via WHA Database

To donate to the WHA via our own, in-house database, please use the button below.


Donations via Mail

The WHA accepts donations via check through the mail.  Checks can be made payable to the WHA or World History Association.  While the university mail is functioning; it remains slightly delayed.  Our mailing address is:

World History Association
245 Meserve Hall/Northeastern U. 
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA  02115

Donations via Amazon Smile

The World History Association has partnered with Amazon Smile to enable a new way for members to donate to the organization.  Amazon Smile donates 0.5% of your spending to the WHA when you shop through After opening the webpage, simply enter the WHA as your chosen charity and confirm. Donations through will go directly into our operating budget and will help to support expenses such as our website and webmaster, email, database, publications, awards and conferences.

Thanks to the OER Project for their generous support of Under the Baobab!