Supporting the WHA benefits teachers & scholars!

Scholars from three continents benefitted directly from scholarships to the 31st Annual WHA Conference, Bilbao 2022. They include Dr. Khademul Haque (World Scholar Travel Fund), Mr. Brian Holstrom and Dr. Kristen Fleming (McNeill Teacher Award), Dr. Irene Munoz Fernandez (Global Teacher Scholarship), Ms. Zohar Sapir Dvir and Ms. Qing Chen (Bilbao Scholarships).

Additionally, we are extremely grateful to the New England World History Association for providing travel grants to the following recipients: Ms. Denisse Delgado Vasquez and Dr. Nicholas Roberts.

Each November the WHA participates in GivingTuesday, our end-of-year giving campaign.  President Jonathan Reynolds and Vice President (Now President) Trevor Getz will announce three areas of focus for 2022 and incentives for donors. Stay tuned!

The WHA remains thankful to the many members who serve the association with their time and help to make our work possible. In particular, we’d like to thank the Officers and Members of the Executive Council, scholars who have facilitated our “Under the Baobab” series, and members of our various standing committees which oversee different aspects of our shared professional network.

Our mission is to promote activities which raise awareness about world history and engage scholars, teachers, and students in this field of study. To fulfill this duty to our members, we need your support.

Why give to the WHA?

After cancelling our 2020 conference and moving our 2021 conference online, (both major sources of funding for our association), the WHA continues to be grateful for your support. Especially because we’ve created new ways to connect with each other through our Under the Baobab series and social media posts, your giving in 2021 and early 2022 was both highly valued and necessary. Many of our fellow scholars worldwide continue to need our support as they face stark funding cuts at campuses and schools, and so the WHA prioritized areas of giving which had direct impacts on our scholarships and membership affordability. Those who gave to the WHA on GivingTuesday (November 30, 2021) helped create a new fund for travel scholarships to our 2022 conference in Bilbao, Spain.

100% of your gift goes to support members of the association and, by extension, their scholarly efforts. Please give generously.

Giving Areas

WHA Award Fund

Recognizing levels of scholarship all the way from the prestigious Bentley Book Prize to the K-12 Student Essay Competition, the WHA considers its annual awards a crucial a part of its mission to promote world history through research, publication, and teaching.  In just the past twenty years, we’ve awarded over $30,000 to scholars of exceptional world history scholarship!

We believe that recognizing world history scholarship in all forms is key to maintaining a robust network of scholars and securing the future of our shared field. You can sustain our ability to recognize and celebrate excellent scholarship.

Will you support our efforts to award outstanding works? Give to the Award Fund today!

Endowment Fund

Like many non-profit organizations, the WHA secures its future through the maintenance of an endowment fund.  This fund ensures the association can weather unexpected changes and still maintain a high quality of service to its members.

We believe that through consistent growth and responsible management of this fund, the endowment fund will continue to serve the association and scholars well into the future. You can cement the financial stability of the WHA by donating to the endowment fund.

Will you do your part to provide for the scholars of the future? Give to the Endowment Fund today!

Sponsor-a-Member Fund

Last year we introduced a new type of WHA membership for those whose financial means make membership dues a significant hardship.  Through the generosity of WHA members and friends, we were able to offer scholars in need the opportunity to benefit from the resources and the connections which a membership to the WHA provides.

We believe that all scholars of world history should have the opportunity to be a part of our community and access to valuable sources of scholarship. You can embody the spirits of collegiality and generosity by directly funding fellow scholar’s membership to the WHA.

Will you help us increase the accessibility of our memberships to all? Give to the Sponsor-a-Member Fund today!

All of these areas of giving detailed above can be supported by giving via
Paypal, Venmo, through our database, or via check in the mail. Please see the information below on the best ways to give.

Thank you for your support and generosity!

If the platform does not allow a note about the restriction, you can email the WHA at

You can give to the WHA in a number of ways. The simplest and easiest method is through PayPal, and no account is required.

Please use the Special instructions box to specify special instructions with your gift (e.g. if you would like your donation allocated to a specific fund, or if you would like your donation to be anonymous or made in a different name than that on the credit card).

While the WHA does accept Venmo, note that this giving option can only be done via mobile.

Use the button above to give directly through your WHA member account.

Give via Paper Check

The WHA accepts donations via check through the mail.  Checks can be made payable to the WHA or World History Association.  While the university mail is functioning; it remains slightly delayed.  Our mailing address is:

World History Association
245 Meserve Hall/Northeastern University 
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA  02115

Other Ways to Help

The World History Association has partnered with Amazon Smile to enable a new way for members to donate to the organization.  Amazon Smile donates 0.5% of your spending to the WHA when you shop through After opening the webpage, simply enter the WHA as your chosen charity and confirm. Donations through will go directly into our operating budget and will help to support expenses such as our website and webmaster, email, database, publications, awards and conferences.

Thanks to the OER Project for their generous support of Under the Baobab!

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