World History Bulletin: Call for Papers

Spring 2020 Issue: Teach in the Time of Corona(virus)

As teachers around the world adapt to distance learning, the Spring 2020 issue of the World History Bulletinwill focus on what this means for world history education, researchers, teachers, and students. We invite contributions on: 

  • How world historical perspectives inform our understanding of the present pandemic and global response 
  • Histories of disease
  • Histories of global communication (and communicable disease!)
  • Pedagogical responses 
    • Lessons on pandemic
    • Lessons on disease in world history
    • Lessons and commentary on the rapid transition to on-line learning
    • Unexpected opportunities from the current disruption to education 
  • Student responses and insights 
  • Research-driven responses to the coronavirus pandemic
  • Reflections on how you’re adapting to a changing travel landscape as a globally-connected scholar 

Contributions on other aspects of world history research and teaching in the context of the current coronavirus pandemic are also welcome. Please contact the guest editor with a proposal. 

Please send inquiries and submissions to guest editor Laura J. Mitchell: Completed submissions are due by April 30, 2020.