Conference Scholarships

WHA World Scholar Travel Fund

Primarily for scholars and teachers outside of North America.

The WHA provides limited funding for travel fellowships for academics, teachers, and graduate students who have been accepted to present in its Annual Conference, but are unable to secure funding to do so. The WHA World Scholar Travel Fellowship may consist of (all or part) of a round-trip air fare ticket arranged by the WHA, accommodation at the conference, conference registration, and a modest per diem. Priority is given to conferees residing outside of North America who do not have travel funding from their home institutions. All possible attempts at securing other funding should be made prior to applying for the fellowship. Selection for the fellowship is based on: 1) acceptance by the Conference Program Committee of an individual paper, whether or not part of an organized panel, or a poster for the poster session; or as a member of an organized roundtable; 2) the submission of a CV of applicant; 3) a clear statement of economic need. No person who has received a travel fellowship in a previous year may apply for another fellowship. Applicants must be willing to apply for and finance their own visas to the conference site. Fellowships are awarded by a selection committee appointed by the WHA President.

The application deadline is 15 March of the conference year. Applications for the World Scholar Travel Fund should be submitted directly to the Executive Director <>.

N.B.: The World Scholar Travel Fund is offered for attendance to the Annual Conference only. Symposium attendees are not eligible to apply for this funding.

The William H. McNeill Teacher Scholarship

Open to K–12 and community college teachers.

Through the generosity of our donors, the World History Association is pleased to offer two fellowships to attend the WHA Annual Conference. Up to $750 will be offered towards conference registration, travel and/or accommodation expenses. The award is open to any K–12 and community college teacher presenting at the conference. The application includes a brief essay (300 words maximum) relating their conference presentation to their teaching, a copy of conference proposal and a CV. One secondary school teacher will be awarded, as well as one community college instructor.

The submission deadline is 15 March of the conference year.

Conference Registration Fee Waivers

For attendance at the Annual Conference.

The World History Association recognizes economic hardship for some in our community by offering a limited number of partial or full registration waivers each year for those in economic need.

To qualify, an applicant should be a current member of the WHA and have not received a waiver in the past. Those requesting a partial or full registration fee waiver should send a request to the WHA Executive Director <> with the following subject line: Conference Fee Waiver Application (Family Name, Given Name) and the name of the conference you plan to attend.

In the e-mail, please include 1) your name and contact details, 2) professional affiliation (if any), 3) recent activities in the field of world history, 4) a clear statement of financial need, 5) why you have particular interest in attending this year’s annual conference, and 6) whether or not you will be presenting/assisting with the conference. Please note that the fee waiver, if granted, does not apply to other costs associated with the conference, including additional meals, transportation, and accommodation. All requests should be received by 15 March of the conference year.

As the survival of the organization depends on registration fees, we ask that only those with financial hardship apply for a full or partial waiver.

N.B.: Please note: Conference registration fee waivers are offered for attendance to the annual conference only. Symposium attendees are not eligible to apply for these waivers. Priority is given to members of the WHA who are presenting a paper at the conference.