Website Troubleshooting

We are in the process of updating the tech stack for the organization. This summer we will have a new membership database with a fully-integrated website that will greatly improve the user experience for us all. In the meantime, there are some issues with the current tech stack that we do not have quick fixes for. This is a Troubleshooting guide to help navigate these issues.


Quick Links

Most of the common issues can be averted by following these correct quick links:

Member Login

Online Store (Where you can choose your membership level to join or renew a membership, register for the conference, or make a donation)

Register for the San Francisco 2024 Conference * If you are a WHA Member, make sure to login to your account first to get the member rate. If you are a student, registering for a student membership allows you to access the student member rate.

Common Issues

Email Not Found

Login | Sign Up Screenshot

The "Login | Sign up" buttons at the top left screen of website are not linked to our membership database at all. If you try logging in through this link, it will give you an error message that your email address is not fount. If you try signing up through this link the information will not be saved to the database. Instead of these links, to connect to our netforum/avectra database, please click here to click here to Login, and here to Become a Member.

Become Amember

If you click on the "Become a Member" link from, it will link you to the Online Membership Services page of the Netforum/Avectra site. From there you can select options to "Renew Your Membership", "Join the World History Association", "Register for a conference", or "Update your Membership Profile". You can also click "Login" in the menu on the left to get to the login screen.

Sign up for our newsletter screenshot

The "Sign up for our newsletter" subscription at the bottom of the page is also not connected to our membership database, so your email will not be stored if you input it here.

Signing up for a Membership

You can join or renew a membership from our online store.

In order to complete the transaction, you will need to log-in to the site. You can either log-in/create a log-in for the site before going through the store or be prompted after your membership is in your cart.

Creating a WHA login

New WHA Membership Screenshot

Start by entering your primary email address into the New WHA Memberships page (there is a link to this page from the main login page as well).

Required Info

Fill in your information. Anything labeled with a red "R" is required.

Minor Screenshot

If you indicate that you are a minor, our system will send a notification to the guardian that you list requesting permission to collect your personal information. You will be unable to login to our system until your guardian grants that permission.

Selecting a Membership Level

Our membership rates are based on self-reported pre-tax income levels and can be purchased in increments of one, two, or three years. We also have membership tiers for Retired/Non-Employed, Full Time Students, and Lifetime Memberships.





≥ $100,000
















< $45,000




To help visually differentiate the options in the store, each income level can be identified by a different icon, and there are three options for each depending on the length of membership you want.

Membership options in Store

Input your payment information, and click "Purchase Now".

Purchase Record

You will get a purchase record both onscreen, and emailed to your primary email address.










Join or renew your membership today

To join for 2023, you may pick several options, including one-year, multi-year, department memberships, etc. See membership page.