Vol. 24, No. 1 – Spring 2008

  • Further Recollections by Kevin Reilly, Raritan Valley Community College 1
    The 17th Annual WHA Conference Registration Form, University of London, Queen Mary College June 25-29, 2008 3
    WHB Focus Issue & Teaching Forum, Guest Editor – Rick Warner, Wabash College 4
    Food in World History: Some Preliminary Proposals by Rachel Laudan 4
    The History of Sharing and Not Sharing Comfort Food by Natalie Parker-Lawrence, Houston High School (TN) 8
    Tasting the History of Globalization: Foods of the Caribbean by Candice Goucher, Washington State University Vancouver 10
    Commerce, Cookbooks and Colonialism: Cross-Cultural Cuisine in the Age of Empire by Deborah Neill, York University 10
    Paprika by Mario Fenyo, Bowie State University 14
    Culinary Interchange in 16th -Century Peru: A Multi-Ethnic Exercise in Building a Cuisine by Kelly E. O’Leary, Boston University 16
    How the Chili Pepper Got to China by Caroline Reeves, Emmanuel College 18
    The Columbian Exchange Cookbook by Monty Armstrong, Cerritos High School (CA) 20
    The Guinea Pig: American Pet – Andean Culture and Food by Dale A. Hueber, East Bay High School (FL) 21
    Teaching Food Studies by Rick Warner, Wabash College 23
    An Edible Survey by Jeffrey M. Pilcher, The Citadel 25
    Mini-Essays on Food and World History 27
    The Spice of Life: The Trade in Spices, 1000-1500 by Erik Gilbert
    Peruvian Fishing by Kevin M. McGeough
    Equatorial Agriculture in Africa by Candice Goucher
    Organic Foods Movement and Vegetarianism by Kimberly Dukes
    Phases of Missionization Around the Pacific Ocean, 1500-1900, by Tanya Storch, University of the Pacific 29
    Select Bibliography on “Islam in World/Global History” and “World History of Religions” 36
    The European Discovery of External Cultures and Their Effect on European Expansion, by Brant Weller, Bridgewater College 38
    The Forgotten Empire: Teaching Ancient Persian History in a World History Class, by Mehdi Estakhr, Alabama State University 41
    Book Reviews, Book Review Coordinator – Peter Dykema, Arkansas Tech University 45
    Minutes of the WHA Business Meeting, January 4, 2008 55
    Minutes of the WHA Executive Council Meeting, January 3, 2008 56
    Minutes of the WHA Executive Council Meeting, June 28, 2007 59

Volume 24, no. 1 - Spring 2008


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