Vol. 25, No. 2 – Fall 2009

  • Note from the Executive Director 1
    World History Association – Phi Alpha Theta Paper Prize Winners
    A Tainted Peace: The Failure of De-Nazification in Occupied Germany, by Jonathan D. Garon 4
    The Book of Secrets: Alchemy and the Laboratory Manual from Al-Razi to Libavius, 920-1597 C.E., by Gail Marlow Taylor 11
    Minutes of the WHA Executive Council Meeting, June 25,2009 Minutes of the WHA Business Meeting, June 27, 2009 19
    Teaching the Axial Age Through a Biographical Comic Book of Buddha’s Life * AWARD WINNING LESSON * by Daniel Greenstone, Oak Park and River Forest High School (IL) 21
    Book Reviews, Book Review Coovdinatov – Petev Dykema, Arkansas Tech University 27
    Non-Becoming and Non-Unbecoming in Greek and Hindu Thought: A Single Idea with Multiple Consequences, by Mrchael J Fontenot (Southern University at Baton Rouge) and Karen A Fontenot (Southeastern Lourszana Unrversityl 40
    Using World History to Encourage Complex and Critical Self-Awareness, by Dennis A. Frey JK,Lasell College 46
    Eighteenth Annual Conference in Salem, Massachusetts: A Model for Future Conferences, by A.J. Andrea 48
    Call For Papers: Nineteenth Annual World History Association Conference 49

Volume 25, no. 2 - Fall 2009


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