Vol. 27, No. 1 – Spring 2011

  • From the Executive Director 1
    Letter from the President 2
    Minutes of the WHAExecutive Council Meeting 4
    Minutes of the WHABusiness Meeting 11
    Planned Giving 15
    WHA Affiliate Reports 16
    World History Symposium: Southeast Asia and World History 24
    World History Institute 25
    World History Association Teaching Prize 26
    Phi Alpha Theta / World History Association Paper Prize 28
    Phi Alpha Theta / World History Association Paper: Chinese Smuggling across the US-Mexico Border, Samantha Huang 32
    Phi Alpha Theta / World History Association Paper: Boki’s Predicament: Material Culture and Environmental History of Hawai‘ian Sandalwood, Gregory Rosenthal 46
    The Aftermath of the Katyn Massacre: Silent as the Grave, by Steve Blankenship, Georgia Highlands College 64

Volume 27, no. 1 - Spring 2011


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