Vol. 28, No. 2 – Fall 2012

  • Editor’s Note 1
    From the Executive Director 2
    Letter from the President 3
    Special Section: Remembering Jerry Bentley 4
    Special Section: Commodities in World History
    Introduction: Commodities in World History: A Non-Commoditized Approach, Kevin Goldberg (Brown University) 10
    Enterprise in Latin America: Teaching About Commodities in Latin America in a World History Context, Lisa M. Edwards (University of Massachusetts, Lowell) 11
    Skins in the Game: The Dutch East India Company, Deerskins, and the Japan Trade, Michael Laver (Rochester Institute of Technology) 13
    “A World of History in Your Cup”: Teaching Coffee as Global Commodity c. 1400 – 2000, Carey Watt (St. Thomas University) 16
    Invisible Commodities in World History: The Case of Wheat and the Industrial Revolution ,Thomas D. Finger (University of Virginia) 19
    Exploring Diversity: Teaching the History of Sugar in Latin America, Patricia Juarez-Dappe (California State University – Northridge) 23
    Maps as Commodities in Modern World History, Alex Zukas (National University) 26
    From Chocolate to Coffee: A History of Tropical Commodities in the Americas, Marc McLeod (Seattle University) 32
    Colonial North America and World Histories of Power, Dylan Ruediger (Georgia State University) 35
    Asian Migrations and Diasporas since 1500, Craig Lockard (University of Wisconsin – Green Bay) 39
    Cross-Fertlizing the Botanical Sciences: Japan’s Role inthe Formation of Disciplinary Science, Adam P.J. Witten (University of Hawaii, Manoa) 48
    What Really Made the World Go Around?: Indio Contributions to the Acapulco-Manilla Galleon Trade ,Andrew Peterson (University of Hawaii, Manoa) 58
    Should They Stay or Should They Go?: The Jesuits, the Qing, and the Chinese Rites Controversy, Colleen Kyle (Lakeside Upper School) 69
    World History in State Standards: A Research Assignment for College Juniors and Seniors, David C. Fisher (University of Texas, Brownsville) 71
    On the Historical Archives in Romania, Mihai Manea (Bucharest) 74
    Book Reviews 77
    Minutes of the WHA Executive Council and Business Meetings 84

Volume 28, no. 2 - Fall 2012


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