Vol. 29, No. 2 – Fall 2013

  • Editor’s Note 1
    From the Executive Director 2
    Letter from the President 3
    Special Section: Global Environmental History
    Introduction: The Environment in World History, Sarah Hamilton (University of Michigan) 5
    Matter Matters: Towards a More “Substantial” Global History, Frank Uekötter (University of Birmingham) 6
    Islands Hitched to Everything Else: The Global Environmental History of Sugarcane in Hawaii, Lawrence Kessler (Temple University) 9
    Quantitative Analysis of Megafaunal Extinctions and the Tenacity of Pleistocene Overkill ,Paul Jentz (North Hennepin Community College) 12
    Perils of Writings Global Environmental History, J.R. McNeill (Georgetown University) 15
    Early Modern Empires and Arboreal Environments: A Comparative Micro-Reader on the Destruction, Consumption, and Preservation of Forests, Michael McInneshin (LaSalle University) 17
    Money From Trees: Mining, Energy, and Environmental Change in the Spanish Empire, John Soluri (Carnegie Mellon University) 23
    Disease, Disaster, and Degradation: A Global Environmental History Course, Thomas Anderson (University of New Hampshire) 27
    Beginning in the Belly, Ending in the Atmosphere: An Approach to Teaching Global Environmental History, Edward D. Melillo (Amherst College) 30
    Reframing the Edwardian Crisis: Contentious Citizenship in the British Empire before the First World War 37 Ian Christopher Fletcher (Georgia State University) 37

Volume 29, no. 2 - Fall 2013


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