Vol. 31, No. 2 – Fall 2015

  • From the Executive Director 1
    Letter from the President 2
    Special Section: Borders
    Introduction: Border Crossings and Color Bars in a Globalizing World, 1890s-1910s, Ian Christopher Fletcher (Georgia State University) 4
    Leveraging the China Market: Wu Tingfang’s Case Against Chinese Exclusion, Sungshin Kim (University of North Georgia), Kurt Guldentops (University of California Los Angeles) 5
    Inui Kiyosue: A Japanese Peace Advocate in the Age of “Yellow Peril”, Masako Racel (Kennesaw State University) 9
    Black Bodies, White Borders: Mapping the Color Line inside and outside the United States, 1914-1916, Shannon Bontrager (Georgia Highlands College) 15
    Religious Encounters within Imperial Contexts: Irish-Catholic Legitimation and Self-Actualization in an Age of Imperial Expansion, Justin Harbour (Mastery Charter Schools-Thomas) 20
    New York State’s New Global Reality, Casey Jakubowski (SUNY Albany) 32

Volume 31, no. 2 - Fall 2015


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