Vol. 32, No. 1 – Spring 2016

  • Editor’s Note
    From the Executive Director 1
    Letter from the President 2
    Special Section: Border Crossings and Color Bars, Part II
    Introduction: Anticolonialism in the Early Twentieth-Century World: Indian Dimensions of a Global Moment, Ian Christopher Fletcher (Georgia State University) 4
    Gandhi, Dube, and Abdurahman: Collaboration across Boundaries in Colonial South Africa, Gail M. Presbey (University of Detroit Mercy) 5
    Transimperial Passages: V. D. Savarkar and Aurobindo Ghose between the British and French Empires, 1907-1911, Yaël Simpson Fletcher (Independent Scholar) 12
    From Ghadar (Revolt) to Home Rule: Arguments about Violence, Nonviolence, and Race in the Struggle to Liberate India during the First World War, Doug McGetchin (Florida Atlantic University) 18
    The Journey of the Magi: Its Religious and Political Context Mehdi Estakhr (Alabama State University) 24
    Eating Colonialism: Dining as Political Ritual, Marc Jason Gilbert (Hawai’i Pacific University) 31
    Notices 39

Volume 32, no. 1 - Spring 2016


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