Vol. 32, No. 2 – Fall 2016

  • From the Executive Director 1
    Letter from the President 2
    Special Section: The World and The Sea
    Introduction: The Sea in World History, Michael Laver (Rochester Institute of Technology) 4
    From World War to World Law: Elisabeth Mann Borgese and the Law of the Sea, Richard Samuel Deese (Boston University) 5
    The Spanish Empire and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans: Imperial Highways in a Polycentric Monarchy 9 Eva Maria Mehl (University of North Carolina Wilmington) 9
    Restoring Seas, Malcolm Campbell (University of Auckland) 14
    Ship Symbolism in the ‘Arabic Cosmopolis’: Reading Kunjayin Musliyar’s “Kappapattu” in 18th Century Malabar, Shaheen Kelachan Thodika (Jawaharlal Nehru University) 17
    The Panopticon Comes Full Circle? Sarah Schneewind (University of California San Diego) 25
    Book Review, Abeer Saha (University of Virginia) 29

Volume 32, no. 2 - Fall 2016


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