Vol. 33, No. 2 – Fall 2017



  • From the Executive Director 2
    Letter from the President 3
    Special Section: The World from Latin America
    Introduction: The World from Latin America, Suzanne Marie Litrel, Georgia State University 4
  • Peninsular Women, Migration, and the Creation of the Spanish Empire, Allyson Poska, University of Mary Washington 5
  • From Turtle Soup to Turtle Disputes: Maritime Boundaries and Commodity Networks in Caribbean Nicaragua, 1904-1916, Sharika Crawford, United States Naval Academy 8
  • Endangered Liberty: Schooling, Literacy, and the Idea of Progress in the Early Mexican Republic, E. Mark Moreno, Texas A&M University-Commerce 12

Time, Institutions, and the Subaltern in Latin American Economic History, Eric L. Palladini Jr., World Bank (IBRD) 15
Teaching Latin American History Using a Document Based Question Focus: Latin American Nationalism, Kit Adam Wainer, Leon M. Goldstein High School 20
Defying Ideas and Structures: Writing Global History from Latin America, Stella Krepp, University of Bern; Alexandre Moreli, Fundação Getulio Vargas 26
“A True Liberation”: Braudel, The Mediterranean, and Stories of Dutch Brazil, Suzanne Marie Litrel, Georgia State University 30
Finding Footprints of the Operation Condor: Cooperation Between Brazil and Uruguay in Communist Matters Before the Seventies, Roberto Baptista Júnior, Independent Researcher; Roberto García, Universidad de la República de Uruguay 33

Volume 33, no. 2, Fall 2017



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