Vol. 34, Nos. 1&2 - 2018



4 Welcome from the Editor in Chief
5 From the Executive Director
6 Letter from the President
8 Introduction: The Whole World is Moving: 1968 and the Long Global Sixties
Ian Christopher Fletcher, Georgia State University
10 Jakarta, 1968: The Party’s Over
Michael G. Vann, Sacramento State University
14 What Vietnam Did for Susan Sontag in 1968
Karín Aguilar-San Juan, Macalester College
16 Twelve Women’s Memoirs of the Long Global Sixties
18 The Romanian Rejection of the 1968 Warsaw Pact Intervention in Czechoslovakia and Its Consequences
Mihai Manea, Bucharest, Romania
20 From Sharpeville to Tlatelolco and Beyond: Apartheid South Africa, Authoritarian Mexico, and Transnational 
Activism around Sports in the Global Sixties
Zac Peterson, Georgia State University
23 Ten Documentary Films about the Long Global Sixties
24 The Hemispheric Conference to End the War in Vietnam
Christopher Powell, Norquest College
29 Political Poster Art of the Long Global Sixties
30 Silent Vietnam: Revolutionary Chile in Solidarity with the People of Vietnam, 1964-1973
Juan Pablo Valenzuela, Kennesaw State University
34 Marching for Our World: Local Activism for Global Solidarity in the Great Speckled Bird
Emily Hunt, University of West Georgia
38 “Objectivity is a Farce”: The Great Speckled Bird, Underground Press Journalism, and the Liberation Struggle 
in Guinea-Bissau, 1969-1975
Carrie L. Whitney and Ian Christopher Fletcher, Georgia State University
42 Reclaiming International Women’s Day: The Women’s Issues of the Great Speckled Bird, 1969-1976
Megan Lane Neary, Georgia State University
46 GI and Veteran Resistance to the War in Vietnam: The Problems of Remembering and Forgetting
Jerry Lembcke, College of the Holy Cross
50 2017 World History Association Teaching Prize
A Global Perspective of the Cold War: A Multimedia Approach to a World History Topic
Patrick Crawford, Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences

Vol. 34, Nos. 1 & 2 - 2018


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