Endowment Fund


Endowment Fund

Like many non-profit organizations, the WHA secures its future through the maintenance of an endowment fund.  This fund ensures the association can weather unexpected changes and still maintain a high quality of service to its members.

We believe that through consistent growth and responsible management of this fund, the endowment fund will continue to serve the association and scholars well into the future.  You can cement the financial stability of the WHA by donating to the endowment fund.

Will you do your part to provide for the scholars of the future? Give to the Endowment Fund today!


Give via PayPal

You can give to the WHA in a number of ways. The simplest and easiest method is through PayPal, and no account is required. Please use the  Special instructions  box to specify special instructions with your gift (e.g. if you would like your donation allocated to the endowment, or if you would like your donation to be anonymous or made in a different name than that on the credit card). 

Give via PayPal

Give via Venmo

While the WHA does accept Venmo, note that this giving option can only be done via mobile.

Give via Venmo

Give via The WHA

Give directly through your WHA member account.

Give via the WHA

Give via Paper Check

The WHA accepts donations via check through the mail.  Checks can be made payable to the WHA or World History Association.  Our mailing address is:

World History Association
237 Meserve Hall/Northeastern University 
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA  02115



Consider supporting our mission with a gift today! There are several specific funds enabling you to make a general gift or restricted gift as you see fit.