#15 Teaching and Learning World History in a time of 'Divisive Concepts'

Baobab XV will take place Thursday, January 26 @ 7 pm EST. This session will not be recorded.


Under the Baobab will commence with its first session in 2023 with session XV, “Teaching and Learning World History in a time of ‘Divisive Concepts.’ “Divisive Concepts” bills, which purportedly take aim at the teaching of Critical Race Theory, have proliferated across the United States within the last two years, significantly impacting instruction in history and the social studies. These bills restrict academic freedom in the classroom and are generally associated with the teaching of American exceptionalism. But what impact are these measures having on the teaching and learning of world history? In this session K-16 educators from different states will discuss the impact of ‘anti-CRT’ or ‘divisive concepts’ legislation, standards, and instructional materials.

This session’s panel will feature: Ms. Kara Macsuga (Suncoast Community High School), who is a National Board Certified Social Studies Teacher, teaches AP World History, serves AP World as a Table Leader and is a consult for The College Board; Dr. Lauren McArthur Harris (Arizona State University), a former ninth grade world history teacher, is Associate Professor of History Education, and Editor of Teaching Difficult Histories in Difficult Times: Stories of Practice; Dr. Pamela McVay (Ursuline College) who has served AP World history as a Reader and Table Leader and authored Envisioning Women in World History 1500 to the Present; and Dr. Stephen Jackson (University of Sioux Falls), who has written extensively on the history of education.  His most recent work is The Patchwork of World History in Texas High Schools: Unpacking Eurocentrism, Imperialism, and Nationalism in the Curriculum, 1921-2021.

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