#16 Engaging with Policy Makers on World History Education Standards & Model Curricula in a Time of "Divisive Concepts”

Baobab XVI will be held on Monday, April 10 at 8pm EDT. This session will not be recorded.


This will be a working Baobab divided into 1/3 segments for the 1.5 hours.  The goal is to develop a model curriculum for high school teachers that is approved by the WHA.  It will be a roadmap to one of the ways that World History can be currently taught. Additionally, all high school educators and WHA members attend free of charge.

The first half hour, Dr. Brittiani McNeil (Ed.D. specialist in assessment) will describe ways we can support high quality world history education in government standards and model curricula by engaging with policy makers and legislators.  During the second half hour, the other three panelists discuss developing practical methods to advocate for high-quality history standards (Pamela McVay, Stephen Jackson, Angela Lee).  Finally, the last portion of the night will be breakout sessions on the feasibility of WHA standards statement on curriculum.

Panelists for Baobab XVI will be:

Ms. Angela Lee (Weston High School) is a world history educator in MA. In 1998, she developed the Modern World History curriculum.  Since its inception in 2002, Angela has been involved as a Reader and then a Table Leader for Advanced Placement World History.

Dr. Brittiani McNeil (Ursuline College) is an Associate Professor & former HS world history teacher with nearly 15 years of experience with programmatic accreditation & work with state departments of education.

Dr. Pamela McVay (Ursuline College) has served AP World history as a Reader and Table Leader and authored Envisioning Women in World History 1500 to the Present.

Dr. Stephen Jackson (University of Sioux Falls) has written extensively on the history of education.  His most recent work is The Patchwork of World History in Texas High Schools: Unpacking Eurocentrism, Imperialism, and Nationalism in the Curriculum, 1921-2021.

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