#2 Roads and Oceans — The Journal of World History’s 30th Birthday

Monday 20 July, 4:30-6 PM Pacific, 7:30-9 PM Eastern


This Under the Baobab gathering was hosted by Candice Goucher, who was in conversation with Matt Romaniello, Editor of JWH and David Christian, Lauren Benton, and Jennifer Gaynor about their papers, the relevance of their work today, and the current state of the field. Editor Matthew Romaniello curated the issue, “Roads and Oceans,” selecting papers based on use statistics and the thematic trends over the last three decades.

Lauren Benton, The Legal Regime of the South Atlantic World, 1400 – 1750: Jurisdictional Complexity as Institutional Order (2000)

David Christian, Silk Roads or Steppe Roads: The Silk Roads in World History (2000)

Jennifer Gaynor, Ages of Sail, Ocean Basins, and Southeast Asia (2013)

For more on this issue of the JWH, see: http://bit.ly/jwh30th