#3 Reframing Revolutions: Centering Indigenous, Black, and Women’s Voices in the Age of Revolutions

Tuesday 28 July 4:30 – 6:00 pm, PDT


It is easy to replicate dominant perspectives on the “Age of Revolutions” in ways that marginalize the historical agency and influence of people of color, indigenous people, and women. This session highlights strategies and materials to support interventions that correct this bias by centering the actions of marginalized people, such as indigenous Andeans or enslaved Haitians, complicating the role of the Enlightenment in the Age of Revolution, and by incorporating the stories of women as revolutionaries.

  • Eric Beckman of Anoka High School Anoka, MN has taught World, US, and European History with high school students for thirty years, first in California and now in Minnesota. Eric presents professional development sessions on globalizing World History and teaching historical thinking and World History for state and national organizations. Eric has a Master of Liberal Studies Degree from the University of Minnesota with a focus on the racial dynamics of housing in post-World War II American cities.
  • Bram Hubbell of Friends’ Seminary, NY, has taught world history at the Seminary in New York City for nearly twenty years. He has also taught courses on the modern Middle East, peace and non-violence in the twentieth century, and the relationship between humanity and the environment. He was the co-chair of the AP World History Test Development Committee and Curriculum Redesign Committees from 2008 – 2012. He also maintains the blog,
    Liberating Narratives which is focused on decolonizing world history.
  • Angela Lee of Weston High School, Weston, MA has been a world history educator in Weston for twenty years. She has been teaching AP World since its inception and was one of 90+ readers in Lincoln at the first reading in 2002. From 2013 – 2017, Angela served as a member of the APWH Test Development Committee. She is currently a member of the WHA Executive Council and chair of the WHA Social Media Committee.

This session will include presentations from each speaker, followed by an interactive discussion and closing conversations.