27th Annual WHA Conference

Milwaukee, WI

(June 21 – 23, 2018)

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Memories of the 26th Annual WHA Conference

As an international group of scholars and teachers with a mission to “advance scholarship and teaching within a trans-national, trans-regional, and trans-cultural perspective,” the WHA condemns discriminatory actions. We thus support the statement on the recent executive order issued by the American Historical Association.

All people are w
elcome to participate in events sponsored by the WHA. Although we hope the current crisis will be resolved by the time of our conference in June, if any scholars who wish to attend the 2017 WHA conference are prevented from doing so by their immigration status or nationality, please contact us at info@thewha.org or 617-373- 6818, and we will work to find a way for you to participate virtually.

Please click on link below for the schedule from our 26th Annual Conference that took place from June 22 – 24, 2017 in Boston

​DENIS GAINTY, 1970-2017

As announced to WHA membership, we are mourning the loss of Denis Gainty, an important world historian at Georgia State University who served as the editor of our World History Bulletin. Below you will find a link to an obituary written by one of his colleagues, Professor Alex Cummings.

Please keep his family and GSU friends in your thoughts and prayers as they pass through this difficult time.


Fond memories of Carolyn Neel

“Tough as nails, gentle as a feather.” There are many ways to sum up our friend’s character, personality, and essential qualities, but that little aphorism works for me.

Carolyn and I became colleagues and soon-to-be close friends in the autumn of  2004, when she signed on to serve as project manager for what ultimately became ABC-Clio’s 21-volume World History Encyclopedia (Santa Barbara, CA, 2011).

Neither of us could foresee the obstacles and frustrations … Read more

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2017 is shaping up to be a truly exciting year, with a wealth of new opportunities just for our members, including:

  • A members-only section of our website, including a newly-designed graduate student portal
  • Digital access to the Journal of World History 
  • Discounted rates to our annual conference, including this year’s fantastic conference at our headquarters at Northeastern University

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The World History Bulletin Needs You!

The World History Bulletin is the biannual, fully peer-reviewed publication of the World History Association that is devoted to raising questions, fostering debates, developing pedagogy, and evolving the field of world history.  We welcome short-form essays (roughly 1,500-3,000 words in length) on all aspects of world historical scholarship including pedagogy, research, and theory. Topics may include any period or geographic focus in history. Reviews of books and other scholarly works, or original syllabi are welcome, as well.

Submissions for the World History Bulletin should be in Microsoft Word or similar electronic format, and should follow the style guidelines of the Journal of World History described above. Please address any submissions or inquiries to: Denis Gainty, Editor, dgainty@gsu.edu.  Historians and disciplinarily allied scholars interested in guest-editing a selection of essays on a particular theme are strongly encouraged to contact the editor at dgainty@gsu.edu.

For information on the World History Bulletin, or for Advertising Information, click WHB.

Views of past WHA Events

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